Eastern Baltimore County Task Force

Co-Chairs: Sam Weaver, Weaver’s Marine Service & Cliff O’Connell, Cliff’s Hi-Tech Body Shop

Meets: 2nd Thursday of each month, noon, Weaver’s Marine Service, 730 Riverside Drive, Baltimore, MD 21221

The EBCTF is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the communities of Essex, Middle River and White Marsh. This Chamber committee started in 2017, bringing together a diverse group of community activists whose grassroots efforts are making a significant difference. Working in conjunction with county and state elected officials and representatives, this team of volunteers currently is focused on improving the eastern business district along Eastern Boulevard from the Essex bridge to the Middle River bridge. Issues being addressed include vacant housing and businesses, litter, graffiti and rat infestation, among other problems.


Executive Committee

Chairperson: Chamber President Jaime Alvarez, Community College of Baltimore County

The Executive Committee of the Chamber consists of the Chamber Officers, the Immediate Past President and the Executive Director. The Executive Committee serves as the “nuts and bolts” group of the Chamber. This creative body generates initiatives, evaluates programs and issues and develops policies which would accomplish the overall Chamber mission and goals. Committee suggestions and recommendations are normally brought before the Board of Directors for final approval. Ideas generated go directly to standing committees for action.


Marketing & Communications Committee

Co-Chairs: Sir Samuel Marx, Rated Trades, LLC & Lowell Sheets, Sheets and Associates

Meets: 2nd Tuesday of each month, 10:00 a.m., Chamber office, 405 Williams Court, Suite 108, Middle River, MD 21220

The Marketing & Communications Committee is in charge of publicizing the Chamber’s efforts through the local communities of Essex, Middle River and White Marsh. Its goals are to:

  1. Monitor, enhance and manage the marketing of the Chamber, its committees and initiatives.
  2. Maximize the Chamber’s reach within eastern Baltimore County through digital and print media.
  3. Contact members to inform them of marketing and sponsorship opportunities.


Membership Committee

Chairperson: Veronica “Ronni” Lombardi, Howard Bank

Meets: 3rd Monday of each month, 10:00 a.m., Chamber office, 405 Williams Court, Suite 108, Middle River, MD 21220

The objective of the Membership Committee is to maintain a healthy growth pattern in our Chamber membership. The Committee has a two-fold mission to accomplish this objective.

Membership Development: Development initiatives are designed to increase the size of the Chamber membership. Committee members target existing non-member businesses and new businesses in eastern Baltimore County, sending invitations and calling or visiting those prospective businesses. The Committee also motivates the Chamber Board to approach larger employers and encourage their support of the Chamber through membership, advertising and sponsorship.

Membership Retention: Retention initiatives are designed to maintain an overall attrition rate of less than twelve percent by improving membership communication and awareness.

Committee members are considered ambassadors, who welcome new members, encourage involvement and play an introductory role at Chamber programs. The Committee identifies membership views, reviews membership benefits, contacts members about upcoming events and networking opportunities and listens to member concerns.


Office Committee

Chairperson: James Merritt, Baltimore Technology Group, LLC

Meet as needed.

The Office Committee manages the needs and expenses of the Chamber office, from furnishings, computers and equipment to utilities, insurance and security. Committee members are experts in a variety of areas, including finance, technology, property management, etc. and lend their talents to ensure that the Chamber continues to operate smoothly.


Program Committee

Chairperson: Sophia Montgomery, Country Inn & Suites

Meets: 3rd Tuesday of the month, 8:30 a.m., Chamber office, 405 Williams Court, Suite 108, Middle River, MD 21220

The objective of the Program Committee is to develop monthly programs designed to satisfy the needs of the entire Chamber membership. Programs should provide recognition of achievements as well as educational, networking and social opportunities. Therefore, the mission of the committee is to identify timely topics, individuals and keynote speakers which have an impact on the Essex-Middle River-White Marsh business and residential communities.

Directions for programming come from many sources, including the Executive Committee, the general membership and other standing committees. The economic climate and hot issues surrounding development, government, business health or the community greatly influence program selection.

Committee members are responsible for complete coordination of each program from topic development to selection and confirmation of speaker, scheduling, form of presentation, location and menu. Examples of annual Chamber events include a business awards program, the Hometown Heroes banquet, a carnival, legislative meetings and an economic development forum.


Workforce Development Committee

Chairperson: Julie Gaynor, Baltimore County Public Schools

Meets: 1st Tuesday of the month, 7:30 a.m., Chamber office, 405 Williams Court, Suite 108, Middle River, MD 21220

The Workforce Development Committee is the engine for the Chamber’s business/education partnership. The Committee consists of an extensive group of educators and business people who share a special interest in the development of youth in eastern Baltimore County.

Through this partnership, the business and education communities interact and work together to strengthen the education/business ties in the area. The goal of programs initiated and supported by the Committee and the Chamber are meant to achieve several objectives:

  1. Help students develop pride in themselves and their community
  2. Encourage a yearning for knowledge and scholastic achievement
  3. Instill a solid value system and work ethic
  4. Compel our youth to dream of a positive future

Initiatives include partnering with businesses to assist needy families, the annual Principals’ Breakfast and an Awards for Excellence in Education program. The Principals’ Breakfast is both an evaluation and a brainstorming session which addresses topics of mutual interest and concern to educational and organizational leaders. The Awards for Excellence in Education program recognizes the dedication and service that fantastic educators provide to our children on a daily basis.


Committee Members

Office Committee
James Merritt, Chair
Gayle Adams
Donna Rolnick

Marketing Committee
Sir Samuel Marx, Chair
Lowell Sheets, Co-Chair
Wayne Miskiewicz
Christine Richardson
Chrissy Schifkovitz

Program Committee
Sophia Montgomery, Chair
Bill Bafitis
Angela Heydt

Sharon Jones

Bruce Kahl

East Baltimore CountyTask Force Committee
Sam Weaver, Chair
Cliff O'Connell, co-chair

Gary Eikenberg

Gary Jennings

Jillian O'Connell

Bob Romadka

Andy Wasmer

Karen Wynn

Membership Committee
Veronica Lombardi, Chair

Kim Coleman

Dennis Florence

Sharon Kihn

Gary Jennings
Ceal Myrick
Carly Shinn

Workforce Committee
Julie Gaynor, Chair
Emily Cherry, Co-chair

Jaime Alvarez

Mark Folkmann

Susan Hahn

Bernard Henningan

Jennifer Joyner

Terri Kingeter
Christy Moore

Jan Moure

Sharon Ochs

Erin Ray

Nicholas Scalice