Kim Worthy

As Kenwood High School’s principal, I am proud and honored to nominate Ms. Kim Worthy for an Excellence in Education Award. Ms. Kim Worthy has gone well above her duties as a para educator and is always happy to do so. At the beginning of each year, she always asks where she can have the most positive impact to assist our teachers and support our students with IEP’s. Ms. Worthy is always visible in our hallways between classes talking with students and creating positive relationships. She takes the time to modify student assignments and assessments to meet student needs and support teachers in the delivery of instruction. Ms. Worthy also is involved in our school’s athletic programs as she serves as a coach in multiple sports. Ms. Worthy is a coach with our women’s basketball team and women’s lacrosse team. She always goes above and beyond her coaching duties as well in that she always pays attention to the details such as planning terrific senior night’s for our students and their families.

Another example of how Ms. Worthy supports the education of students in our school is how she acts as a tutor for all students. She welcomes all students with open arms and supports them even outside of the classes she directly works with. She works to enhance the learning environment by creating word walls, foldables and displaying student work to act as resources for students.

Ms. Worthy is as dependable as a staff member comes. She often arrives early and stays late to support both teachers and students. She takes an active interest in student’s activities outside of the school day such as their performance in athletics or the performing arts.  

Ms. Worthy brings a phenomenal attitude to work day in and day out. She is genuine and supportive in all of her interactions with staff and students. In order to provide the best examples, please see the quotes below:

  • “Ms. Worthy is one of the most talented, conscientious Para-Educators that I have worked with in all of my 18 years of teaching. Her work ethic is incredible and her care and compassion for her students is consistent and unwavering.
  • “Ms. Worthy has a great work ethic.  She is always looking to fill in where there is help needed.  She also acts as an advisor to students and she counsels the students when they are having a difficult time academically as well as socially.”

As the principal, I feel that during Ms. Worthy’s time as a Para-Educator at Kenwood High School, she has demonstrated her dedication to making sure students and staff are successful. Her investment in supporting the teachers and students exceed the norm on a daily basis. Ms. Worthy is a positive presence in the school building for teachers and students through her outgoing personality and commitment to providing the best support possible. She is constantly asking teachers and students about anything that they may need assistance with and is willing to help at any and all moments. Ms. Worthy is an excellent example of how a Para-Educator can support students and staff in the educational setting. She is an absolute asset to our school community and I feel she is deserving of such a distinct honor of an Excellence in Education Award.